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Mdina Story

     In an empty side street of Mdina, Malta, there is a little house. Not that there aren't many houses, but this is a special one. It is made of the typical beige coloured bricks just like every house, but what is different about it is that you won't find any windows in it. There is just the white door with some ornaments and the black door knocker. Next to the door there is a tree with beautiful pink blossoms growing out of the ground and up the walls. No one would open the door for you if you knocked. There is a story behind it.

     Many years ago there was a little girl living in Mdina, enjoying life and being happy. She didn't have anything to worry about with caring parents and a high living standard. She went to a private school with the best teachers on the island and a good perspective to get a job that would make her happy in the future. She had never had any problems until that one day when she made a mistake, which shouldn't be called a mistake, changing her life.

     She had just turned sixteen when she convinced her loving but strict father for the first time to let her go to Valletta on her own. She would have had friends to go with, but her father never allowed her to meet anyone. She accepted it, but she never got behind his reasons.

He would never tell her that he feared to lose her. When she was on the bus getting a foretaste of freedom, she thought about her life and realized that she was lonely. Of course she loved her parents but when she saw all the girls on the bus, laughing and talking, she realized that she had never experienced anything like this.

     She got off the bus in Valletta and decided to search for a bookstore first, because she loved literature. After looking at the map her worried father had given her, she found a small bookstore in one of the side lanes of the capital city. She entered it and looked around. She saw old wooden cupboards full of thick dusty books, and she loved them. She chose one and read the first pages while walking slowly around between the walls of fascinating books.

     Suddenly she bumped into something or someone. She couldn't tell at first, because she fell on the ground. "You OK?" It came from the person leaning over her when she opened her eyes. It was a boy about her age who offered her his hand to help her stand up. "Well, I think so", was all she could say at first. She looked into the eyes that made her fall and saved her at the same time.

She was lost for words. His eyes were clear blue and they were the most beautiful she had ever seen. They looked at each other for another endless moment until he stared to the ground, blushing. "Would you like to have a coffee with me?" he asked, still unable to look at the girl in front of him. "Sounds nice", she answered, so he smiled his sweetest smile, took her hand and they went out of the store into the streets of Valletta. They walked for a while, not able to talk to each other, because they were so overwhelmed by the situation. Suddenly he stopped in front of an ancient-looking café which seemed to be quite comfortable, so they walked in and sat down in a quiet corner. He stood up again and went to the bar where he got two coffees for both of them and got back to their table. "Here you are", he said and gave her one of the cups.

     "Thank you", she said and took a sip out of it. "That's pretty good." They talked for hours and realized that they were were tuned to the same wavelength. She had never had so much fun in her life before and laughed much. Time passed and things went great with the two of them, just until she realized how late it had got already…